Sleep Transformation Programme

What You Get (Lifetime access to all at no extra cost):

  • Point To Point Training And Mentoring

  • Step By Step Instructions (Including Personalised Sleep Plan)

  • Complete access to all content current and future

  • Free download of over 200 books (sleep, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, medical, educational and more)

  • Free sleep music to use and share with friends and family

  • Free Fix my Sleep book by Sveti Williams

  • Free one-on-one chat with the creator - Sveti Williams

  • Classes taught by other professionals in the field (sleep specialists, sleep scientists and others)

  • Free sleep app to take your program anywhere

  • Enrol once - No more fees ever!

In This Programme You Will Learn (Not Taught Anywhere Else)

  • Set goals and understand why you are setting them

  • How to prepare your body and mind for restful sleep

  • Understand what systems will work for you for best results long term

  • Learn what exact yoga stretches to do to sleep well

  • Learn what exact food to avoid and to eat for good nights sleep

  • Identify your sleep disrupter and know what exact sleep enhancers to replace them with

  • Know exactly what supports and what disrupts your environment and how to create the right environment for sound sleep

  • Access over 200 books on sleep, health, wellness, education, spirituality, fiction, non-fiction and more

  • Access a library of music for sleep for yourself and to share with your family and friends

  • Learn how to create a complete personalised sleep plan for yourself

  • Learn how you can enhance your melatonin levels and never have to take supplementation

  • Access to powerful meditations

  • Indulge in powerful methods to switch off your body for deep sleep


This is not your typical “programme”. I mentor you step by step to succeed and achieve your goal

Access to all training

You’ll get the exact systems and methods to radically transform your sleep in the least amount of time. Meaning fewer sessions, less effort, less action and better results and breakthroughs. We have combined the science with natural medicine to turn your poor sleep around. Why? because you deserve sweet sleep.

Lifetime access & support

Once enrolled you are mentored for life. This is more than a program, it is a mentorship to support and keep you accountable for your success every step along the way.

Private mentoring

Once enrolled you have all your questions answered via private Whatsapp chat with the Founder of Sleep Academy Online. You will have access to the recordings of the classes for life. Immerse yourself in the therapy, the exercises and practical lessons and reach the best sleep of your life.

What our students are saying

First, this course has given me the confidence to carry forward sleep coaching in future. Second, it gave me the confidence on what I have been practising. Third, the course is beyond meditation and yoga, as most of the other programs and talks about other aspects too to cure insomnia. And last, the course has opened new horizons on sleep education for me. There’s a lot to learn, practice and experiment.

This course gave me a confidence on what I have been doing. There was a lot of new stuff, what I learnt like NV points, Meridians, Diaphragm massage. I am practising all this on myself and feeling the results. That’s amazing. I am glad that I decided to join SAO.

The course content is amazing. The learning was so much fun. I loved the videos where I could watch instructor as those ones are more engaging and more powerful. But the content is great.

I was into lifestyle coaching where sleep was one segment. I was keen to specialize into sleep. So, I starting exploring more about sleep coaching. I have read a lot about sleep and practicing with my clients before this and looking for some validation from a reputed coach.

I loved the way Sveti delivered the course. 100% 10 to the instructor.

Yes, definitely. I would recommend it to anybody who is interested in Sleep related learning.

"I absolutely loved the program. It was informative and helpful for my sleep coaching practice. Science based strategies how to help people with insomnia were of incredible value. I always can go back to the course and refresh my memory if I need to or remind myself of some techniques that work well with clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering to practice sleep coaching."

"My experience with Sleep Academy Online has been amazing . Sveti is always available to answer questions along with the other coach’s. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Sveti has set this course out with very easily to be able to complete it."

"I joined sleep academy last year as I was looking for help relating to sleep patterns and melatonin related foods. The information and online help I have received has been life changing for me and my family. Being able to access help, training, questions answered and conversations between other coaches and students is wonderful. Truly a blessing."

"The Sleep Academy Online course I am doing is teaching me just so much about how to sleep better, and how to teach others how they can sleep better too. It’s pitched at just the right level."

"My experience with Sleep Academy Online was amazing. It is more than what I expected. How the idea is being delivered is really exceptional. I cannot thank Sveti enough for sharing her knowledge gracefully. I now have a better understanding and am happy to share what I have learned with those who need it."

"My experience with Sleep academy was fantastic. I was learning sleep coach course and it has changed my life and how I help my clients. I’m changing peoples lives now with my work. I am forever grateful to this course and would strongly recommend it to anyone. If you are looking to learn to be a sleep coach or even help your clients and your family do this course."

"It was a wonderful experience, Sveti is so easy to deal with. Her knowledge in the field is second to none. I was having issues with insomnia, with the therapy I have managed to have healthy sleep and life is back to normal. I can’t thank Sveti enough."

"Sensational Experience. Sveti was understanding and empathetic to my situation and was genuinely invested in helping me manage my sleep apnea with sound advice after developing the disorder from years of shift work."

"I got a lot of value. Felt super comfortable and left with so much practical knowledge. Amazing 🙌"

"This is a really thorough course and Sveti has obviously done a lot of research so there is so much to learn and take in. I would recommend it to all those who want to help people suffering from insomnia...."

"Its best course because of great information, very valuable and informative. Overall its great course and teaches in-depth sleep science."

"Brilliant course. So easy to follow and the exercises and instructions given work as promised. Sveti truly is a master of her craft. The best instructor on this topic that I have ever seen"

"Very simple and clear steps focussed on fixing the problem of poor sleep, along with just enough information about the causes and nature of sleep. The workbook is very well laid out and a pleasure to use."

"I would highly recommend the Sleep Academy Online, the course is fantastic if you are learning about how your own health can be impacted & how behavioural changes of sleep can either negatively or positively improve your life, whether for a profession or just for your own health this is an excellent place to start. 5 STARS"

"I am so excited to get my passion a go and thanks so much to Sveti Williams for creating such an amazing course to become a Sleep Coach Practitioner"

Sveti is very open and kind and seems to have a lot of knowledge on the subject. I personally really enjoyed your course, I would love to listen to it twice as much. I would like to at least finish the course one more time and it would be nice to stay in touch after the course. Thanks!

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